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Real-time predictive analytics and process control for Azure IoT

run analytics on live data stream or on historical data

predictive analytics for Azure IoT

Connect your IoT data directly with a real-time, browser-based analysis environment. Explore and learn your process with data search, filtering, advanced statistics and charts.

Process control behind the scenes

Automate analytical processes that detect anomalies in your data stream in the background. Create events that trigger emails and workflows, send messages back to your IoT devices.

Advanced correlation analysis

Drill down to advanced multivariate analytics to understand upstream downstream correlations and interactions in your processes. Identify outliers and critical changes in the process over time.

“Thanks to the global visibility and highly
refined real-time intelligence it provides,
we are able to make more accurate and
facts-based decisions faster than ever
before, and to move from a reactive to
a preventive mode."
Panu Kaila, Executive Vice President, Operations, Efore
Markku Tuominen
Production Area Manager
Valmet Automotive
"...helps us eliminate the
root cause of defects.
This speeds up the
manufacturing process."
"A key benefit of the new tool
is that the soldering process data is
now available on the PC screen of
any ABB employee who needs
this information."
Tuukka Lintula, Quality Manager, ABB
"Ever since Predisys solution
was deployed at Nousiainen
factory, the first pass yield in
our mass production line
has improved dramatically.”
Jouni Lehtinen, Factory Director, Teleste
Hans-Stefan Heimberger
Project Manager Quality
Porsche AG
"It is a real tool
in preventing
negative trends."

Got IoT data, now what?

Over the past years, new emerging IoT applications have exploded the amount of data collected and stored in all industries globally. The new challenge faced today is not how to get the data, but what to do with all of it. StatHammer™ is a new analytical SaaS application soon-to-be released in Azure AppSource, built to help companies turn the vast amounts of IoT data into actionable information and real-time feedback.

Democratize your analytics

predictive analytics in easy-to-use format

Traditional client-based software for data exploration are very powerful, but they are typically difficult to use for untrained users. They also lack critical real-time capabilities and connectivity with the data source, especially in Azure Cloud.

StatHammer™ turns a new page in analytics, providing much easier use for large audiences and real-time visibility to massive amounts of data. The charts and statistics can be automatically updated any time new data is streaming into Azure Cloud.

Automate process control behind the scenes


StatHammer™ offers a comprehensive set of Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts and statistical rules for real time anomaly detection and process feedback. These rules can be run as background processes that trigger events and alarms when out of control conditions are being found.

Alarms and events can then be linked to other Azure applications such as Office 365 and Logic Apps allowing users to create custom workflows and email notifications.

Understand correlations and interactions

Advanced multivariate ANALYTICS at your fingertips

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly changing the world of IoT. However, it can often give answers without deeper understanding of how it all happened. With StatHammer™ multivariate tools, such as Principal Component Analysis (PCA), you will see inside the black box, identify the root causes and validate new knowledge generated by Machine Learning.

Understanding correlations between inputs & outputs between upstream – downstream processes is a must in order to be able to make sustained, radical improvements in your processes.

Create your first analysis in minutes 

No coding or scripting needed

If you already have a data set in Azure, new analysis can be configured in a matter of minutes in an easy-to-use, browser-based configuration wizard. No coding, scripting or high-level IT skills are required.

Connect your new analysis configuration to the data source (Azure Storage Table or Azure SQL) and select a set of charts and statistics to your dashboards.  The resulting configuration will have a rich set of charts and statistics, as well as filtering, highlighting and data transformation capabilities out-of-the-box.

StatHammer™ features


  • Runs as a native Azure SaaS application
  • Fully integrated with cloud gateways like Azure IoT Hub, Azure Event Hubs and Azure Storage Table Charts
  • Integrated with Azure Logic App Service to allow configuration of custom workflows and email notifications etc.
  • Send out-of-control messages (OOC) and events generated from statistical rules back to IoT hub to control your IoT devices (upcoming future release)


  • Univariate statistics with a large set of SPC charts, histogram, scatter, normality plot, autocorrelation, box whisker plot etc.
  • Multivariate analysis using Principal Component Analysis
  • Large library of typical Six Sigma statistics (e.g. Cpk, Ppk, ppm, normality tests)
  • Select the data set from any data source in an intuitive data filtering tab
  • Drill downs to detail level statistics from all control charts
  • Data filtering and visualization and high lighting of subgroups and outliers
  • Dashboards - turn your IOT data into sophisticated, interactive SPC dashboards
  • Chart tooltips and chart segmentation for visualizing context information
  • Save created analysis configurations to personalized portal menu as short cuts

Online Process Control (SPC)

  • Comprehensive set of real time SPC control charts and statistical tests using Western Electric and Nelson Rules
  • In addition to visual SPC control charts and status dashboards, process monitoring can be configured to run automatically in the background
  • Supports automatically calculated SPC control limits that can be locked as needed with full audit trail and revision history
  • Trigger real-time events and workflows based on statistical rules in Azure Logic Apps
  • Allows users to annotate process events in the charts and manage process changes and corrective actions in the system


  • User-friendly, web-based configuration
  • No coding or scripting needed
  • Save several analysis configurations and shortcuts to your personal portal
  • Set up personalized real time monitoring dashboards using Statistical Control Charts


  • Analytics run on live data stream or on historical data
  • Unlimited data connections to various data sources
  • Scalability to run simultaneous analytical processes for hundreds of thousands and even millions of data points at one time

Predictive analytics from live data streams

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