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stathammer™ partners We work with partners worldwide to deliver solutions to our mutual customers. The real benefit of partnering with Predisys is about the success we can achieve by working together. The advantages are clear: satisfied customers, increased revenue, and greater profitability. contact us arrow_right Together, we: Generate more revenue
Expand into new markets
Enhance your products and services
Increase your sales opportunities
Improve your competitive advantage
Program benefits: Exclusive partner discounts
Early access to Predisys training
Partner on joint seminars and sales calls
Access to business/technical expertise
Early access to beta programs
Questions? Interested in becoming a Predisys Reseller Partner? CONTACT US. +1 (978) 662-5213

Slide Partners Our partners are committed to service delivery excellence and are backed by the full resources of Predisys Technical Support and Predisys Professional Services. Technology Partner Learn more about Microsoft at Integrator Partner Learn more about STATCON at Integrator Partner Learn more about Ascari at Microsoft Predisys’ Technology Partner Microsoft is the software technology leader in the world. By using the advanced Microsoft's software platform, Predisys has developed breakthrough solutions for high-tech manufacturers. Predisys is committed to use Microsoft’s most advanced software technology to provide our customers with creative solutions to their production related business problems. Predisys is an Micrsoft Certified Partner with ISV competence.

To read more about Microsoft, please go to
StatCon Founded 1988 in Munich, STATCON is today a leading European service provider in all fields of statistics, such as experimental design and econometrics, statistical quality assurance, SPC and Six Sigma.

For more information on STATCON, please go to
Ascari Ascari provides high-quality services and solutions to clients throughout Europe. Using significant industry experience gained working with some of the best companies in the world and using teams of highly trained, motivated and customer-focused individuals Ascari continues to provide cost effective solutions to a highly satisfied customer base.

For more information on Ascari please go to


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“Thanks to the global visibility and highly
refined real-time intelligence it provides,
we are able to make more accurate and
facts-based decisions faster than ever
before, and to move from a reactive to
a preventive mode."
Panu Kaila, Executive Vice President, Operations, Efore
Markku Tuominen
Production Area Manager
Valmet Automotive
"...helps us eliminate the
root cause of defects.
This speeds up the
manufacturing process."
"A key benefit of the new tool
is that the soldering process data is
now available on the PC screen of
any ABB employee who needs
this information."
Tuukka Lintula, Quality Manager, ABB
"Ever since Predisys solution
was deployed at Nousiainen
factory, the first pass yield in
our mass production line
has improved dramatically.”
Jouni Lehtinen, Factory Director, Teleste
Hans-Stefan Heimberger
Project Manager Quality
Porsche AG
"It is a real tool
in preventing
negative trends."

Statistical analysis from live data streams

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